When are these issues solved?

1)Why are bullets disapering when the are in mid air?

This occurs when you and the enemy shoot about the same time and you get killed.

Science dictates, when fired its fired. Not just deleted, you are robbing people of their hard to earn EXP here.

2) when are the Overpowered russians being taken care of?

It seems to me that the russians are way overpowered in this game. The other nations dont stand a chance and it isnt even HISTORICLY CORRECT. Which you devs keep on telling us that this game is historicly CORRECT.

Either add another tier 3/4 russian tank and move all others one tier up (KV1/KV1S etc) because they are armour wise and gun wise 1 tier higher then all other nations. Learn history and then you should know better. Russian tanks weren't that strong esp not against the germans,

3) Derp guns are to accurate or the AP arent accurate enough.

Seeing derps sniping from 500mtr+ and still hitting you with the first shot is just crazy, also the HE tend to penetrate armour that is thicker then their penetration rate. Something must go horribly wrong here in the code. Again science dictates here that the shape of the HE shell isnt suitable for long distances (500mtrs and up) Also they tend shoot straight, which they dont, you have to aim the a bit higher(unlike AP).

4) why are shots in the side of a tank, shot from 90 degree angle, ricochet ??

again science dictates that shots fired at an 90degree angle always penetrate, though in the game its better to do it from a higher or lower angle (thus increasing the armour thickness)

5) Why is MM not working as intended?

We are getting too many matches with lets say:
2-3 tier 7 vs only 1 tier 6?
this not only kills the fun in the game (both sides) its just plain stupid. We as players rather wait a minute for a balanced MM then for this crap.

These are just my 2 bits,

Further the game is decent and do enjoy it.
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I have also experienced many of the same conditions.

To Add to the above list of issues:

Why when playing certain (people) groups do I get huge lag spikes (or disconnects) right when making contact with these groups, (Yet no lag when engaging other groups) not to mention lag clears only after I am dead.
Games before and after were all played with out the lag, unless the same people (groups) involved then lag again.
You (gms = lackey dimwits) say that their are no hacks in this game.
While at first I believed the lag was on my end, until I started checking my connections and did my own ping checks from my end.
You wither do have hacks that you refuse to admit or address, or you game, its GMS and Devs have no fcking clue what you are doing.
Most likely all the above, in short unfck yourselves.
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Noticed this lovely bit on numerous occasions in several different matches.
Invulnerable E-10 tanks.

Shooting of E-10 tank shows no notifications at all, no bounce, no penetration, absolutely nothing, round is just absorbed into the E-10.
The round in question is being fired from the stock gun of a KV-2 using HE ammo.
This is either a hack (although its claimed none exist) or a badly programmed modification.
Regardless this should be addressed as this tank should not be invulnerable due to a hack or malfunctioning modification.
The bore pressure mod, is another modification that is not working within the parameters described. .

Just two more of the many things wrong with this game that they refuse to fix, much less admit are broken.
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The Enhanced Liner, is faulty, it is giving 100% protection to E-10s from HE rounds. This is NOT in keeping with the description given in game, "+15% Armor protection from HE Shell Explosions" notice it says 15% NOT 100%, there is a similar issue with the bore pressure accessory. Faulty game designed by idiots and with even worse customer service.
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i don't think the Russian tanks are overpowered. as long as your same tier they actually seem kinda weak anymore. i play with all kinds of tanks, in case you were thinking i favored the Russian tanks. i actually prefer the German tanks followed by the US tanks.

everything else i can pretty much agree with.
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The most annoying issue are, that GWT is not 100% secured against "CheatEngine".
So you can't adjust silver, gold or free-ep. but you can - for example - adjust your reloading-speed...
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