GM notification about Chinese Spring Festival

To our most beloved players of Inferno Legend,
Thank you all for the continued support and love with IL during this past year.
We hereby announce that we are celebrating upcoming Chinese Spring Festival from Feb. 17th to 24th, 2015. Most of our GM will be out of office during this timeframe and certain regular ticket submitting channel will be adjusted temporarily. To ensure an effective attention to your urgent request, you are welcome to reach out to our GM via our official email: (Regular GM support ticket system will be closed)
Please kindly note that slower response might be expected with Facebook posts due to limited staff.
We are bound to assist you as soon as we can during our working hours (17:30 to 02:30 AM PST).
Again, thanks for your kind understanding and cooperation in advance.

Wish you all the best.
IL Team
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I love how we are the most beloved, but have received no love for so long... I miss you devs!
2015-02-13 05:00 Comment Share

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