Is Inferno Legend Dead?

Every time we ask a question about Inferno Legend, it seems as if gamebox just avoids it.
  1. Will there be more shop events?

  2. Will there be more events at all, outside of the China servers?

  3. Will we be seeing the updates from China?

  4. Will new servers be released on Kongregate and Gamebox?

  5. If new servers WILL be released, will they have the broken S4/iOS soul system?

  6. I understand that Inferno Legend can't compete with the ~500 million USD in annual revenue that Wartune brings in, so does Gamebox actually CARE about Inferno Legend at all, or are you just going to let it die and collect the last dribbles of money until it dries up?

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I want new event and change class if this game still alive :((
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Wondering the same for quite some time now...
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Good questions, please answer honestly so we know what to expect...
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I guess the answers are no, no, no, yes, collecting dribbles?
2015-02-25 10:13 Comment Share

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