Why does the connection get lost while I'm playing

While I'm in a boss fight, PvP, or doing a battle in one of the regions on the map, the screen will freeze and then a window pops up that says that connection was lost. So I refresh the page and have to start over what I was doing, it is really getting annoying now.
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Here is a few things that you can try.
  1. First try clearing your cache.
    If your using FireFox you can Press ctrl + shift + delete and check the cache box, then click Clear Now.

  2. Refresh/Reload the games main page.

If your still having issues here is a few more things you can try.
Update Adobe Flash Player
Update Adobe Shockwave Player
Try another web browser, here is a few to choose from
FireFox - Chrome - Internet Explorer - Safari
Another Possible fix is by cold resetting your router you can do this by unplugging the power to your router and then waiting 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.

If your still having problems after trying these things let us know.
You could also try submitting a ticket to our support team here they may be able help you find another possible solution.
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Thank you, the advice helped.
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