Lunar New Year is coming

Are we going to get any update before it? It would be awesome to get something anew, since the last Social Points Event there hasn't been anything different.

I'm feeling really uneasy with this stillness from devs/admins side.
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Welcome to the club... There was supposed to be an XMas event, they said they had trouble with it then we got the social point event, then nothing...

It feels like they are abandoning the game.
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yeah only upside i have seen is the new system for bug reporting at least i can get a response from someone even though its always we will forward this information to our developers. otherwise i mean once a month or so an event would be great. not saying i don't like eldorado, tower and planar wars just need something cycling more a kin to an interactive weekly competitions even if not that frequent. anyway just wanted to throw my 2 cents in for what ever its likely to be worth.
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