christmas event and missing gold

i logged on everyday on facebook and also the main site and didnt get my rewards for either and i noticed when i clicked the reward it most of the time ended up in my mail box but at day 18 i couldnt get shit from it and was very upset my facebook name is rastlinand them on main site my name is chaos420 and i lost 279 gold out of my account and also my log in rewards for xmas event there too im not gonna continue playing until this gets fixed ill check in to see but if not im done with this and wartune
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After day 18 was your mailbox full? If that is the case the rest of the rewards should be later on in the mail as soon as you open enough to move them up in the pages. As for missing gold, perhaps you left the game during a seaport mission that exchanged gold into a resource? If none of these are the case please feel free to submit a ticket to the support staff and they can check on your account for you and hopefully provide a resolution to the issue.

Support link: ... jhtml

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I'd like to add another possibility for why your gold may have seemed to disappear. If you were recently outbid in an auction then the gold would have also been sent to you via in game mail, so if your mailbox was full you wouldn't have seen it. And another thing sometimes you may need to reload/refresh the game after clearing some mail to get the newer ones to show up.
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