vip system GM have to clear `how much recharge get each vip`

hi GM i`m Rise of Mythos user
exactly i will recharge some but no information about vip 2 3 4 5...10

for example if i recharge 200gold i get vip 1
this imformation is exist vip0 >>> recharge 200gold >>vip1

but imformation have only that once.. i want to know

vip1 >>> recharge ???gold >>> vip2
vip2 >>> recharge ???gold >>> vip3
vip3 >>> recharge ???gold >>> vip4
vip9 >>> recharge ???gold >>> vip10

administer must be imform recharge system concretely for users it is right and right

i hope to reply quickly :) [i think this problem if patch maybe users recharge more than now , keep your mind]
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