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It appears even though I'm logged into my game when i click buy more gold it decided to log into my sons facebook and added it to his account.... it should went to my account under mr.malpractice@yahoo.com Not thru facebook Here order id: 2014-12-26 551a23b6d1e54a80b86f7c8f08f7be2a Tanks | S1 - Blitz 6000 30
Plz fix this ASAP or lose all my business together. Hate that it keeps trying to make me also let game post to my facebook even though i log in thru my email.

Cant post to forums about this for 72 hours and from what i read on there a lot tickets never get answered?

My total recharge for the week is 150 usd... wont be hard for me to do a charge back refund thru my credit card...yes I know i can be banned for this, but atleast it get your attention...but I not want to take it there since I do injoy the game
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Hello, for this you can change back to your account when it go to your aaaount. Maybe it's your browser sets. And we fund you have refund the payment after we sent you the golds. Please payback the gold to us. For the wrong account problem, we can help you check it. BTW,we suggest you to ask for support through the support button in gamebox.com or to our fanpage. Best regards
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I created an account in gamebox, with a new email different from facebook, now I would like to continue to play with my Facebook account do me the link thanks. here is my data: new email in gamebox and stordito50 @ gmail.com mail in facebook is manny42@alice.it
nickname in the game is koencasey
server s2 manhattan
thank you
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