[Announcement] Closure of Ground War: Tanks on Facebook&Gamebox, Scheduled for May 17th

Dear Players,
For over two years Ground War: Tanks has had some wild times on the battlefield with you, and we’ll never forget the fun we had here. We are so thankful for your tremendous support throughout the game’s run on Facebook&Gamebox, but as you may well know, some time ago we focus only on maintenance and the number of TK players began to fall dramatically due to a lack of resources on our part. We’re now faced with no other option but to call it a day due to termination cooperation relationship with Dev. Company.

Thank you so much for your time – all of us who worked on developing and operating the game would like to express how much of an amazing experience it was to create this game for you, and for you to honor us with such a warm and earnest reception. We are deeply sorry that things turned out this way.
The recharge service will be closed at 00:00 PDT, 4th May and server will be closed at 00:00 PDT, 17th May.
Welcome to play our other games on gamebox.com. We’ve prepared some nice rewards and compensation for all TK players. We also have new teams developing new mobile games, and you’re welcome to leave your contact information if you’re interested in receiving the latest news and test opt-in details.
Please send all mail to support@gamebox.com for further inquiries.

Best regards,
TK Team
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Damn.... and i just found out about the game :( Sadly....
2016-05-22 13:21 Comment Share


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so , is the game won't be played on facebook and all servers is canceled . and game is stopped. isn't it ?
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because .since a few days this game is dont working on facebook..
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