Cannot make purchases through gamebox

I am playing on Ground war:tanks. If I attempt to purchase gold, it sends me right back to login to gamebox all over again. If I try to purchase gold, it does the same thing over and over and over and over again, so I cannot purchase gold. Can someone fix this issue please? I'd like to be a good customer, but if I cannot make purchases there is no point in staying with the game. Thanks.
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I would try logging out and back in again as well as clearing your internet cache. Give that a shot and if that does not work please send a ticket into support using the following link: ... jhtml

This is the official payment ticket submission location for Gamebox.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to see this issue resolved as quickly as possible for you.

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Dear player,
As we checked here, there is no problem on the recharge function and we can receive other players’ purchase. May I know if your issue has been solved? If sill not, please provide us your nickname and account email via GM Support, we’ll further check for you and figure it out as soon as possible. Thanks for your support. Best regards.
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Je veux bien me désabonner du Gamebox
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