Downtime NA server VIP+GOLD+xp

my dear admin we need action from you we have realy problem with the server the game he dont have players to play,i lost 2 many days of my vip because of servers downtime....maybe you must find a way to refund my vip days.I think that one month for all its good for GWT players and a good strategy to invite new players and bringing back the old ones.
my account my nickname is 1966GATE-13- NA server
You need to give to all players on NA servers VIP at least 15 days to brieng back all the new members and old members you need a hard marketing to fix this problem!!!!!I
I am the leader from the CORP GUARDIANS we spend a lot of gold to grow up my CORP.
Can you do something for that, or what? this is the end ? we spend a lot of money to hold alive your game and you do nothing!!!!!!
How we can help you tell us!!!
when you give a answer from this i will post id to my group facebook GUARDIANS GROUND WAR TANKS to see all the players the answer from you.

Best regards Teo

Check my chanel Teo Levi you will see video there with now tanks any more from the levels 1-2-3-4
2016-03-28 02:05 Comment Share


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how long has the server been down?
2016-05-22 18:24 Comment Share


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still down it sucks
2016-06-17 02:08 Comment Share


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Ground war tanks me not for months
2016-06-19 06:13 Comment Share

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