server not respon, i cant play this game.why?

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What have you done to this game. the game is now slow does not respond keeps losing the server and can not retrieve login rewards.
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I am getting really pissed about this. It seems that I get the run around with this game. I have been playing GWT on Facebook for around 3 years. I have spent a ton of money on this game. I really enjoyed playing, but now I can't. The Facebook game does not load anymore and neither does the Micro client. I want to continue playing and can't. Could some one please help with this. I have tried many different ways to play and still nothing. I had 2 server accounts on Facebook. NA Server- BlackScorpion67 and EU server-BlackScorpion. I had a lot of silver and Gold left to spend and Tier 5 to Tier 9 Tanks to use. I would like to continue playing this game. How can I do this with my previous account?
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