what happened to Flashsale?

the generals are great and all, but nothing but generals is to much..most of us have to work hard at the game because we cant afford to spend money but still love the game, the resources, VIP sales are some of us, our only hope to stay up w/the big boys and girls. Please give back the VIP's and resources. its hard enough to get gold as it is, im not spending it on generals. those should be amongst the things to earn, not pulling out the CC. i know you need money too, but getting more players should be the object with things in our reach so we can compete also. im a 52 yr young woman who loves the game. its becoming unfair, untouchable unless you have plastic.if there are no little people, the big ones have noone to beat up on. Please give us back that chance. my vip ran out 6 days ago and have no way of getting one w/o the flash sale..without a VIP, everything is very slow, even trying to save the gold to buy one for the month, .a lot of others feels the same way. This is NOT FARMSVILLE. even the underdog in a war game have a chance and choices...you took them both from us..Thank You Goerge S96 Bremerton. i was also 4 levy's away from getting my 15 gold and you went into maintnence. since i can only Levy 4 times NOT being a VIP.....you guys make a lot of money from people buying VIP's and resources...or do you only caitor to those who spend a lot? Please take this into consideration so we can ALL play, so we ALL have a chance. your wallets are already fat, lol
I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME sorry, but thank you for listening.
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