why i do have hvy lag since 1 week ?

my cpu - ping is okay , my dsl also , all is working well , but since around 1 week i have hvy lag , finaly i lost 5 days of VIP because of that lag ! other germans also have that hvy lag, most south-germans , some north-germans still can play wout that lag , so whats happen , the problem must be at eu- servers side , american server still works well !???
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im one of the "north-germans". i have these lags too. So far i can see, they are caused by big data-packages which sent from server to client sometimes. These packages overload the client's system for 1-3 seconds and influence other programs too. In the 1-3 seconds, your ping goes as high as well, mine about 9.000, your fps drop and the system stalled.
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