Why is there an aircraft unit in an all ground unit roster?

Improvements to General Wars:Memories

New Features:
  1. Divide play into 3 or more time frames to be held as tournaments over perhaps a month on the world map. Each high value target captured sometime during that month will earn points. Points could also be earned based on how long high value targets are held. The ALC with the top 3 scores could then earn some sort of tournament bonus at the end of the month long tournament. A new map would be used per tournament since the map changed from one time frame to another. Time frames could be used such as: Age of Imperialism (say about 1870 - 1910) WWI (1914-1918 or if measured from earliest rumblings to the peace meeting and dated from the time of the Sino Japanese War to the peace of Versailles).

  2. There are somethings such as resources that do not seem to adequately keep up with the players’ levels and therefore makes those options far less optimal for them such as the flash sale. 49 gold for what amounts to one unit level up or barely that for higher level units hardly seems worth while. World map camp mission gives the exact same rp bonus reward no matter the level so this option loses importance more and more as we level up and therefore might make higher level players less interested in playing on world map.

  3. Divide world map play into phases based on level. At levels say 30-79 for example, you could make the campaign about conquering the national map. From 80-110, it might become a regional map like we have now so say Europe in WWII. From 111 and up, you could use a world map. This is a feature some lower level players have expressed interest in to balance a better since of chance and fairness and for them to have some practical impact on the world map feature. It would also enhance the fog of war map options as you change maps both in phasing based on levels and in a tournament situation. Tournaments could use all 3 map phases or just the last one, world wide map.

  4. It might be possible to emulate naval warfare on the world map. One way might be a water only unit roster. Enough good ships or in the right spot could aid supply and thus boost moral or some other type of stat for ground units. Axis and Allies had a feature to allow naval bombardment before the first shots of a land battle are fired, so perhaps this might be a way to include them also and this was based on if those ships could defeat enemy ships providing protection. Just bear in mind if you truly want to reflect WWII, air and naval power were major factors that are insufficiently represented in the game so far.

  5. Possibly add more types of units or maybe even cross combo units. Some of the units you have on the roster even say they are tanks but are listed as infantry for example. If you have more unit types this quirk can be avoided and provide a place for those cross over or confusing types of units. An example of how you could add cross over combo units would be like the SPG in infantry which is more like an artillery piece placed on a tank platform. If you classify it as infantry and artillery, and say a infantry only unit has a +!0 bonus against artillery, then this unit could have a +5 against artillery and a +5 against tanks and you could find another combo unit it could have the +10 and a -10 chance against. Another option is to have new unit types such as actually existed in the war. Tank Destroyer, Motorized/Recon, Self propelled guns, or armored vehicles (non tanks, such as apcs, aa guns, rocket launchers), or heavy infantry, or super heavy tanks.

  6. Is it possible to have more options or features for exchanging resources, units, or generals for any improvements? Too often many players wind up with way more of one resource than another or they might have too many generals, units, or gear but either not enough motivation to disregard them or they might feel it is more value to keep it and be stuck with extraneous junk that they can only use briefly when they level up in war map or get new units until they level up high enough to use their better gear.

  7. More customization of units is another optional feature you might consider, though this one is not so needful as others, it is still one that might improve player satisfaction and continual motivation to play. This might include creating new generals with names they choose with random stats or stats that can be improved the same way units are. It could include naming unit divisions, or customizing equipment even more by picking what type of attributes a player wishes for that particular equipment item or item set. It is a purely cosmetic thing but it is also a fairly new yet growing trend seen in many games that really attract player appeal.

  8. Improve land rush map. It is wholly insufficient for the number of players and groups present in each server so there should be a bit more opportunities on the land rush map. Perhaps it is more cities with more resources or combinations of resources or perhaps it is more than one land rush map. There are other similar games with similar features such as a separate resource map players or groups fight over but they have a lot more resource targets to offer and often several of the same resource for players and groups to struggle for control over. I am not saying you would need to go that far but only 4 cities for about ten times that number of alcs seems a bit lacking. It also vastly hurts newer groups, lower level groups, or smaller groups when trying to compete with larger groups or groups with several high level players.

  9. Is it possible to have a comparison chart of units or generals in store a player is thinking about buying side by side so the player can compare the differences and decide what fits best for that player?

  10. If the world map tips are not good then you could consider campaign maps that might be used for say 1 or 2 months at a time before switching to another major campaign.

Improvements/Updates on current Features:
  1. Change support options to use newer/better units as the tech skill level improves such as bomber. Start with a earlier bomber such as a Junkers -88 at the start up to the B29. Or even better make it as well as most of the roster more faction specific.

  2. Make rosters faction specific with some of the other factions’ roster available or at the very least have the option to do so. There are plenty of military unit types and weapons in each faction to make up more than a sufficient unit roster in game.

  3. Make the generals a bit more historically realistic and accurate as to who was the most skilled. The current generals roster does not seem to adequately reflect historical generals or how they rated against one another. Even some of their bonus boosts do not always seem to be quite aligned with their respective generals.

  4. You should have more general avatar images or give players the option to edit and upload their own.

  5. Either remove those frag objects that are no longer useful except to sell and just give extra silver or experience, or bring back the middle range gear for which you can craft them into, or let them be used to make some other improvements like a gem or magic enhancement sort of thing seen in many fantasy role playing games.

  6. Improve the relative value of reputation points and experience to player level. It often feels too much like, especially higher level players get closer to the same rewards, experience, and reputation points as if they were still on lower levels. It if were a gradually decreasing percent of value relative to level it might work better and feel less like it barely changes. This does not mean or merit to ridiculously improve these stats for rewards but at the same time it also does not feel like it will do much to help improve a player’s units, equipment, and generals. (See #2 in the new features list for additional notes)

  7. You asked about store deals. Those deals will benefit lower level players far more than upper level ones. So in a sense it is related to improvement idea #6. At higher levels, the 1 million - 2.5 million experience points are enough to level up several generals and units to max and even beyond for players say level 50 and below and perhaps as high as level 60, but above that and say more so from level 80 on, it is barely enough to improve one unit 1 - 3 levels.

  8. Is there any way to improve lag related losses? Such as if your screen freezes or you loose connection that you do not totally lose all chances or resources used for say a instance or campaign battle or so on?

  9. Another little glitch is the honor units. Players get nothing if they buy a honor unit and level it up then upgrade it since they lose all levels and experience spent on improving it. Not that this is necessarily horrific in and of itself but it might dissuade many players from getting or using honor units until they can get the max upgraded unit of each type. It is already a very expensive unit, costing all that extra experience is more than many might be willing to spend.

  10. Have a way to remove names from player watch lists.

  11. Make it clear blacklist is a mute function and make it work a little better as now it lags a lot or is extremely delayed from when names are added to it.

  12. Improve city siege, instance, and campaign player unit ai so they do not stop after annihilating enemy player units across the river from the guns in city siege, or because player units with movement 2 or less stop for no reason and seem to neglect to move and aid the other units in instance and campaigns.

  13. Given how long some watch tower actions may last, it if anything needs an auto function to automatically sift through them like the sweep in campaign works.

  14. This is related to #12. Make sure all player units actually fire upon an enemy so long as one is within range, since this is not always the case, notably in instances when artillery units, for example neglect to fire at enemy defense guns when they are clearly in range to do so but beyond fog, but if put on auto, all units do and have been engaging enemies within range even if beyond fog.

  15. Give players better control over chat channels, when a player moves from world map to their city screen the channel swaps and players do not always realize the channel changed on them which causes problems.

Adjustment of or correction of Current Features:
  1. Remove obsolete inappropriate units from roster or replace them with more accurate ones. The Elite Airship (aka Zeppelin) as the top WWII roster unit is a ongoing joke with anyone who ever read a history book. And honestly, it was doubtfully even the top, most powerful, or most effective weapon of WWI. So jokes aside, how could it be tops in WWII? There are also out of date tanks and probably more. Instead there are plenty of earlier stage tanks and such weapons and units that were used early in the war or even in-between war tanks and other weapons that would fit the role much better.

  2. The pacific map could be improved/adjusted to make the more accurate Tokyo the HQ for the Axis. The way your maps already work all you would need to do is make the routes from one capital to the next about equal travel distance using routes to adjust for a more balanced game difference instead of the inaccurate map placement currently used.

  3. Improve starting world map with more accurate place names. Roswell??? This was not even known about for most people until after 1947 so how does it even fit on the WWII map. Los Alamos might be a far better and more accurate term if you want to use anything in that general area.

  4. Chat lag is often a common and sometimes even serious problem for many users, if there is a way to improve it so that it does not show letters you type some 30 seconds or more after you type them, then please do so.

  5. As noted above there is some confusion about unit types. The worst one of all is the Airship which is not only obsolete by this time but oddly the only air unit available. It would make more sense to replace it with a land unit or add more air units and perhaps even add a air unit type.

  6. Equipment could reflect real history much more closely and be augmented by extrapolation of likely future improvements each faction either had in top secret development or showed signs they would have developed eventually had the war gone on longer.

  7. Mercs on the world map do not reflect the reality of mercy. Generally mercs are often ex professional soldiers with more experience or training than traditional average national armies. What you have on the world map is more like militia, conscripts, national guard, or impressed soldiers. They are not even technically paid and mercs are often not only better than average soldiers but more expensive with usually much better vehicles and gear than average national troops. So would it not be better to call them militia or perhaps convert them to actual equivalent mercs with higher than normal stats and a higher price. You could actually have both as well for factions that wished to bolster defenses with a few pricey units in addition to the cheap mass units of militia quality military forces.

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Improvements/Updates on current Features:
  1. Restart Arena standings once a week or so.

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