Fire the GM's and Devs

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Going to go play Armored Warfare and World of Tanks. They are much better games and far less flawed.
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:( can agree with this, though i am almost certain this site had an intended purpose, i think it has been majorly ignored due to them not wanting to see the negative feedback they deserve for not working on the game anymore.

main problem now i think is, when they were making money from the game they did not work on it, now they don't make much money on it so they can't pay anyone to work on it anymore.

as far as WoT and AW they take a lot more powerful of a computer and higher internet speeds, they are not really an option for some people unfortunately.

this game can be played on 1meg (currently highest for area's like mine) where the others need 5+meg(WoT works somewhat on 3meg).
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hm... i played World of Tanks and searched an alternative for the game, which Wargaming "destroyed" with useless updates like britian, chinese, japanese and czech tanks as such as the "new" physics and more useless sh*t.
From 2013 it became worse and worse.

...So i searched a alternative for the game and thought i found it in Gound: War Tanks, but it not to be.
The only critical bugs/issues in this game were:
1. The lags (Maybe too big data-packages sent from Server to client).
2. The Penetration-System (Really? 75mm front-armor, 70° angled, 100mm penetration and every single shot goes through?)
3. The EXP-Rate (As T2 in T2 battle: 1 kill, 500dmg = ~500EXP ... As T3 in T5 battle: 2 kills 1.000dmg = ~350EXP)
(4. Okay, for this map-sizes its not to recommend to add artillery, but maybe in the future...?)
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