Can't submit support ticket for General War

I play General War through Yahoo. Had a problem and tried to submit support ticket after creating logon. It tells me to select a server and character via drop down menus, but there is nothing to select. And it will not let me submit ticket without these items.

Here is the problem I am trying to report: I am JimmyVargas on S69-Lincoln. I bought 1000000 experience with 49 gold in flash sale and a soviet emblem for leveling up with 2 gold in honor shop. Neither showed up in the Gold Joy event. Gold Joy should have gone from 102 to 153 and I should get the reward for spending 149 gold. Date is 12/16/2014.
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I found that if I click on General War as a new player and select my server and the newly assigned character name, then I can submit a support ticket. Since I play the game via Yahoo, the character name is probably wrong. Also, once I submit the ticket, I do not see it if I click on "My Tickets".
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warlock100948430 - property maintenance

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I lost 300 gold last week and find its impossible to find the support I will not be spending another penny on this game until I get an answer I am warlock sector 122 the other night alone I spent £40 lmfao that will not be happening again
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i am trying to complete my first recharge. i hit the recharge button in the upper left, then i get the center screen. i tried clicking on the recharge button and nothing happens. i tried to contact the GM through the GM button on the upper left and that DOES not even work, i get nadda, nothing, zip, or anything there. this is getting somewhat irritating. i do want wish to start all over again. i ran the game through google chrome, due to the fact that my antivirus software will not work with FB. secondly i will not ever use twitter. please rectify the problem with the recharging. i wish to remain loyal to the game. i also detest having to log into another site just to try to contact the gm as to problems that arise, especially when you have the connections already in the game screen. thank you for your patience
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anonymous101151638 - my compensations for maintnance is missing, 2 and 2 sets if 100 siver is missing along with 62 pack of silver

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i am in Bremerton s96, name:Goerge...i have used many Conscription III , 13 to be exact...not 1 5 star, but many 3 and 4 stars and the letters for the generals aren't even in the manual...i get any where from a c.d.e.e+ and when i look them up, there is only an A..A+.and S most of them dont mach at all. How is one suppose to get all letters of a General when in no way do the letters about rigged.
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