why did I not et rewards in gold and training events that ended yesterday?

This is the second day in a row that I have had major issues with game and not giving me rewards I earn. I should of got the MKII Lord camo for beating Bloody Way Home: Alps first on MONDAY now no rewards for for events ending yesterday. Please tell me why this is happening. If you look at your records they will show that I am telling the truth. I am very upset especially because I spent money on game in hopes of you noticing this because u only care about pay players. I like playing this game but I am PISSED THAT THE STUFF I WORKED VERY HARD TO EARN YOU DO NOT GIVE ME. I want a response or explanation.
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If I need to start posting outrageous and vulgar posts to get the games attention I will. So please check your records to see that I am telling the truth. I want the stuff I earned or an explanation as to why this happened. I will no longer tell others to play this game until this is solved.. Please be fast about this or the stuff you will see posted may upset people.
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