why did you freeze my account out of game

earlier today 08/04/2015 my account was frozen on lil-yobbo account, no explanation has been offered and I am left feeling very disappointed I the service I have received, please unfreeze the account
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Hello, as we check your account lil-yobbo has been banned cause you have been recharge for our game Ground war tank but then you required refund for your transactions. We are sorry if you want to continue to play, you need to return back the refund amount, Please contact us through our CS mail tk-support@gamebox.com or through the Facebook to contact our GMs. Then we can tell you the details how you can return back the money. Look forward to your reply.:)
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my account has been banned and i don't know the reason, you can stuff your game, i will find something else to play
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avrupa sunucusuna bağlanamıyorum facebook Üzerinden oynuyorum oyuncu ismim gekhhh Neler oldugu Hakkında Bir bilgilendirme lütfen
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