I am having trouble opening my acc on server 25 Asks me to Create new character


Im having trouble opening my Character on server 25 ( x'Mas Carnival )

I have already created a character ( StarLord ) lvl 20 but now every time i try to log in it asks me to create a new character. In the Shop menu it shows that i have a character in server 25 but instead of the name of the character ( StarLord ) is shows " ERR_300 " .

I was wondering in any one knows how to solve this problem. Thank you.
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balindarom - Gamebox - Rise of Mythos

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Hello, StarLord. Sorry to hear that. GB Europe new server X'mas Carnival was only officially released one hour before Dec 9th 00:00 PDT. Did you create your character before this time?
If yes, your character had been wiped out before we clear the test data before it was officially released.
If not, please provide your login account Email in Gamebox.com

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You may wish to try another browser as well. If this does not resolve it or the problem isn't fixed on it's own, please send a ticket request in using the following link:

http://www.gamebox.com/webgame ... jhtml

This is the new ticket system for Gamebox site.

Sorry again,
RoM Team
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First try clearing your internet cache then reload/refresh the games main page for Rise of Mythos and see if it lets you access your account again.

If that doesn't resolve your issue you may need to try submitting a ticket here gamefuse.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or e-mail to as-support@gamebox.com
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hi there i have 2 aqccounts in rise of mythos and can no longer acess either of them. my account names are helpme and eatmydust both use green mirrorlake server9
it tell me to go to gamefuse but then i am not getting a resp[onse please advise my email is tristonkendrick@gmail.com but for riise of mythgos is tristonkendrick@yahoo.co.uk the opther is adkinson graham @yahoo.co.uk please email me to sort problem as game tells me i need to create new charector but have spent ovcer £1000 and do not want to staart from scratch again as will have wasted money spent please email me with resonse to tristonkendrick@gmail.com thank you
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I can't access my account on the Scarlet Letter server or any of the others. I always clear my internet cache before I sign into the game - What's going on with this game? it's just like the General War game on this site!
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