old Ancient Summoner Account

Well, I used to play Ancient Summoner. (which got shutdown sometime last year) I wanted to know if there is a way for me to get back the credits i bought and spent in ancient summoner as credits for rise of mythos, since its the same game, i dont get why it was shut down in the first place o.o or at the very least get back my VIP status.
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You may want to Submit a Ticket to our Customer Support Team from here.
http://www.gamebox.com/webgame ... jhtml
Remember to include your Character Name and Server Name to help speedup the process.
You can check on the status of your tickets here http://www.gamebox.com/webgame ... jhtml or through your e-mail.

If you prefer e-mail then you can submit a ticket via e-mail to as-support@gamebox.com

I'm not sure how they will handle this but hopefully you can get something out of your previous investment.
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