What is happening with Inferno Legend at this time?


What is going on with Inferno Legend? There has been a lot of silence. It leads to worry for those of us that enjoy the game that support you still or have supported you in the past.

Please, can you provide us a status update as to what you guys are doing with Inferno Legend?

-Concerned Faerie
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every day i login to gcenter and forum to wait new update and event but we dont have anything for 5 months
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Can we have a response from someone who works for gamebox already?? Can't believe you are just ignoring us....
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Wow man, I don't know what to think or what is happening but I'm fearing it's some bad stuff...

I'm considering we should not spend another single dime until we get some answers, because it has been around half a year with not any updates as seen in China.
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Dear players,
We will pass your voice and let the developers/ operating team know your wish. Hope they will release the new version and events as soon as possible. Thanks for your undying love and support. Best regards.
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still crossing my fingers for something positive!
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