Lunar New Year is leaving

Hope you have had good holidays (I suppose that's why there have been no answers to our repeated questions) and now you are ready to keep improving our game experience and the such.

So, to the point. Are we going to have new content for Inferno Legend? I'm talking about long-term evolution.
I see a lot of activity in the Chinese forum and lots of changes in their game, but for non-Chinese, it is frozen solid since several months. Is there some different R&D team for both games? is there some technical difficulty to implement long-term changes altogether in our servers?

And in case you are going to shutdown the game, I think you should consider some reimbursement in another gamebox game, as your did with Pantheon Legend. In this way you will not lose all your customers.

Anyway, please give us some explanation of what is going to happen, I think you don't want to lose all our trust. Thanks!
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From what I understand from a message I got back from them is this forum is only for players to talk unlike the old one where the gms paid attention to and replied to concerns. The tickets and emailing is the only way to get feed back. Problem with that feed back is it's always the same. "Goes something like Ty for the support we will send your message to the developers". So basically we never get feed back from who we want feed back from and that's the developers it's really sad that we can't communicate to the people that are actually the people who decide to make a update or cancel it. At this point it feels like Inferno legend won't be around much longer or at least it won't be updated to keep us interested.
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At least they could (should!) post something in the "Article" section.

The only stuff we can do in the Support is "payment" or "bug" problems.

It is not an acceptable way to deal with us.
I remember there was a collaborator player called Zeacon that at least dignified our questions with a response.
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Yup, but zeacon had to give up that position due some changes in r/l his replacement is shadownight8/Crimson Dawn ( Kongregate ), but all they have is a somewhat direct link to the Gm's and not the dev's. I also find this a strange way to communicate with your player base Isn\t there anyone who speaks mandarin and can complain on the CN site directly to the dev's???
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what he said, please.
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