multiple accounts with different emails!

this player JeolPetty / ImirWooten is using or a multitude of accounts to have a lot of advantage in this game!
JeolPetty a thief and a trickster!

In the set of servers s.39, s.41, s.43, s.62 etc there is a player of Romanian nationality, who plays with multiple accounts, so you have a very dirty advantage over the other players!
I remind you that this JeolPetty player, before, had the account / s blocked to use multiple accounts with multiple email accounts!

The list with JeolPetty accounts, stolen or clones!

ImirWooten - stolen
Navyboy -stolen
EssadGreene -stolen
MorinOrtiz -stolen
4l3x4nd3r -stolen
penny -stolen
pakalolo-stolen ???
Kosaca -stolen
Beerdrinker -stolen
Ertai - stolen
HassoGlenn - stolen
Romeo - clone
romeo.supper.s41 or .s43 - clone
romeo.supper.s39 -cloene
sharky - clone
CristianT -clone
penny - stolen
OopsieBear.s43 - stolen
elderpop - clone
Fernando - clone
1 - clone
Nr2- clone
Obama - clone
Bush- clone
Batman- clone
steamJegos -clone
awelsome - clone
LkerClarke -clone
zzzzzzzzz - clone
rrrrrr -clone
ggggg -clone
21212224 -clone
GuusCrosby -clone
MuieSteam -clone
IhorSilva -clone
EginoMckay -clone
Mikey66 -clone
Paka_Gay -clone
Paka_gay2 -clone
KazmLamb -clone
elite_kill - stolen
MetinRuiz - clone
jyrkiMills- clone
JudeMills- clone

G.M. It is essential to block this account to have a clean and fairplay game!
G.M. please block these for a good performance of this great game!

. I beg you, all players must report to players who play with cloned or stolen accounts! So we can enjoy this game!

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Why you think ALL of these accounts are stolen or clone ?

I see my account -- how can i stole my own account ?

Maybe yourself a clone or stolen LOL
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