cannot log in to gamefuse on other browsers

so when i first joined the game it was through facebook, aand it had a different name (summoner something, or something like that)
well currently im finding out i cant log into my account on other browsers outside firefox. it just consistantly tells me incorrect password. i've tried the "i've forgoten my password" thing, even though i do know it, but it just tells me "The mailbox which belongs to the third party platform account, but not bind in gamefuse, so we can not supply recover password function"
is there a way to get around this because currently i cant play the game on firefox and i've exhausted all possible solutions fixxing that, so if i want to play, i have to log on on another broweser, which is this problem.
does anyone have any advice for me?
2017-11-16 15:02 Comment Share

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