Is it your policy to deny event winners due rewards?

During the event that ended January 21, 2015, I never got my in game rewards for finishing 5th in training and 10th in gold rush. The only so called mod that ever bothered to answer basically called me a liar in not so uncertain terms. So I get insulted as well as ignored. No response ever game from countless GM in game mail sent. I was only told I got my reward which I know for a fact is BS because I never got any reward for that event. I know this because I was expecting a million plus experience from one and a million or so silver from the other. No additional experience nor silver ever made it into my account. Nor did I ever see any mail that might have delivered it. I know I won because I checked my ranking in the events constantly from the last 2 days of the event until 2 or 3 days after it. During all that time, I remained in those positions listed above. So why was I cheated of my rewards? There are fewer faster ways to dwindle consumer base then a broken game, losing the trust of players (If the game does not work as expected and players do not get at least the minimum expected outcome or better, then you risk losing that trust. The players will no longer have faith in the game or any result of any game related event. They will always after that wonder if they are getting what they are actually supposed to or if they are getting cheated.), and denying players fair treatment, in this case, rewards that I am sure everyone else got during the event. A week or two later, 10 of my gold disappeared as well.
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