【Announcement】 Weekly Server Maintenance from 11:00pm on March 25th PDT

Dear Players,

To provide better gaming experience, all servers will undergo maintenance on March 25th PDT. The maintenance will start from 11:00 pm. During the maintenance, you cannot login to the game. Thanks for your understanding.

Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences and concerns it may have caused.

What's the update? (03.25)
  1. Demon Master's Pack、Savage Master's Pack、Beast Master's Pack

  2. New Tarot card----【The Strength】 03.28 00:00-03.30 23:59

  3. Super Store--【Taurus】 04.06 00:00-04.07 23:59

  4. Forbidden Zone 03.28 00:00-04.11 23:59

  5. Soul of the dragon I 03.27 00:00-04.03 23:59

  6. 1.3x HP buff
    To be continued..

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