Getting a new character when using FB account to login micro client

Dear all,
If you log into game with your Facebook account via micro client, but the data doesn’t synchronize with your account on Facebook; namely you get a new character in the micro client. Please provide the information as below:
1. “nickname” in game, server name;
2. “Gamebox Account” in the login interface of micro client;
3. Creation time of your account;
4. Screenshots of your account. Such as the garage interface including your nickname, gold, silver and EXP; the Account Statistics overview interface; your corps interface.
5. If you ever bought gold in game, please provide the total amount and screenshot of receipt.

For example: nickname: Cara; Gamebox Account:

1. What’s the “Gamebox Account”?
When you login micro client with you Facebook account, you will get a Gamebox Account, that’s the information we need.
2. How to find “Gamebox Account”?
Firstly: Please login micro client with your Facebook account.

Secondly: After you login successfully, you can find the “Gamebox Account” in the login interface.

If you are encountering this problem, please send your information to our email:
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i send u a email to and i get this answer,
Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏
his is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.
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Hi I have got an Sync issue while using the micro client, Please find the details as follows,

1. FB details-------> Nick Name: **DemolitionMan** Server: **Europe**
2. Game Box details----------> Account name: (demolitionmann) Server: Europe
3. I am not sure when is the account got created must be close to a year now via FaceBook.
4. How to attach a screenshot there is no option of upload or attach image here (I can only copy paste text here).
5. I have bought lot of GOLD since I have started playing, not sure where to send the details , I can only give current GOLD /SILVER in my account if it the image up load works
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One more addition, I was using the normal login the Game Box with the FB crdentials, which is provided above.

But Using the Login with FB login name is :
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Pls help to synchronize my GWT at FB account to MC with details :

1. Nickname : adigalatama server Europe
2. Gamebox account : (adigalatama)
3. september
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Dear Gamebox

Please Syncron My account ground war tank in facebook to micro client , details

1. nick name : Cobra01 , Server : Europe ( from FB )

2. Gamebox account :

3. creation time : Desember

4. screenshoot GWT

5. Corp GWT : Batalyon_Kavaleri ( YONKAV )
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Dear Gamebox Team,

Please synchronize my Ground war tank at Facebook to micro client, details

1. Nickname: Hengry , Server : Europe (from Facebook)
2. Gamebox account :
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Dear Gamebox Team,

Please synchronize my Ground war tank at Facebook to micro client, details

1. Nickname: Hengry , Server : North America (from Facebook)
2. Gamebox account :
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Dear Gamebox Team,

Please Syncrhonize mt Ground War Tank at Facebook to micro client detalis

1. Nickname MMC, Server :Europe(from facebook)
2.Gamebox account
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Sounds like it would be easier just to fix the FB login. I have the same issue and sent an email to the address requested but did not get any reply. Also for a game company to not know how much gold you have is absurd. If you do not reply to my email and fix, I will notify FB to reimburse all money sent. This is complete bullchit.
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Hello team,
Good evening
Please help me to synchronize my fb account with Micro client.
1.Nick Name: Sharpshooter(Europe server) and MENON(North America server)

2.Gamebox account:

3.I am not sure when is the account got created

4.I didn't find an option I did get through tinypic but url not accepting

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Hi Team
Please Synchronize my Ground War Tank at Face Book to Micro client details.

1. Nickname BoomerUK, Server :Europe (from Facebook)
2. Gamebox account
3. Not sure
4. All screen shots lost due to new Hard Drive install
5. Unsure

Thank you for your help.
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