Weekly Server Maintenance & Server Merge and Cross Plan on Feb.11th

Dear Players,

To provide better gaming experience, all servers will undergo maintenance on February 11th PST. The maintenance will start from 10:00 pm. During the maintenance, you cannot login to the game. Thanks for your understanding.

During the maintenance, we will make some changes to the US Server cross group. Please pay attention that the following servers will be affected.
1. GB-S21/22/23/24 will be merged, GF-S11、13 will be merged, GF-S15,16 will be merged, Kongregate-S11,12 will be merged.

2. Server Cross:
A. Yahoo S1-(Whistling Graveyard)、GF-S2(Dark Forest)&GF-S3(Sanguine Tribe)will no longer cross with Kongregate-S1(Stone Ruins)&Kongregate-S2(Snowy Fort),GF-S1(Shimmering Cave),FB-S1(Ayer's Square). This group will be divided into two small groups:
Group A: Kongregate-S1(Stone Ruins)&Kongregate-S2(Snowy Fort),GF-S1(Shimmering Cave),FB-S1(Ayer's Square)
Group B: Yahoo S1-(Whistling Graveyard)、GF-S2(Dark Forest)&GF-S3(Sanguine Tribe)

B. GameFuse S16(Sword Girls) will be crossed with FB S8-( Assassins),GB S24, Kongregate-s12 (Lords Of Avalon),GF-S15(Wolf Pack).

C. Gamebox-S26 will be crossed with GF-s18(Dawn of War) and Kongregate-S13(Brave New World).

The purpose of this change is to make a better gaming experience to the majority of our player base. To decrease the time for you to find an enemy team in the arena and increase your server’s activity.

What's the update? (02.11)
1. 12% off on Angel Master's Pack、Human Master's Pack、Undead Master's Pack
2. New Tarot card----[The Lover] 02.13 00:00-02.15 23:59

3. Forbidden Zone 02.28 00:00-03.14 23:59

4. Master of Alchemy 02.23 00:00-02.27 23:59
5. Soul of the Dragon II 02.13 00:00-02.20 23:59
6. Buy Points, Get Rewards----【Fire Dragon Swordsman】 02.20 00:00-02.22 23:59

To be continued...
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