Updates Log - 20150123

I. 1st Recharge Reward
Duration: 2015-1-23 00:00am to 2015-1-29 23:59pm, PST
During the event, for the players who have never recharged before, you can get the following gift packs by recharging the minimum amount.
50,000 Silver
5,000 EXP
Little Repair Kit10
Manual Fire Extinguisher
Note: Pro Accounts can get a Silver Draw chance in Roulette every day.
(You can only claim the rewards once. Rewards will be sent to players within 72 hours after the event ends.)

II. Accumulative Recharge Event
Duration:2015-1-23 00:00am to 2015-1-25 23:59pm, PST
During the event, if the daily recharge of the player reaches 2000 gold (excluding the given gold), he/she can get 3000 Free EXP and 30,000 Silver that day. (It can be claimed multiple times. Example: if a player recharges 4000 gold that day, then he/she can get 6000 EXP and 60,000 Silver. Each player can claim the rewards as many as 10 times each day! Rewards will be sent to players within 72 hours after the event ends.)

I. Friend Invitation
If you successfully invite a certain number of friends to install the game, and after their tanks reach a certain level, you can get awesome invitation rewards! For more details, please check in Growth Missions - Invite For Rewards.

II. Roulette is available
During the event, you will enjoy 50% discount in the first single gold attempt, and 30% discount in the first attempt at 10 Consecutive Draws. In Roulette, you can get tons of tank parts, exclusive driving groups and even the most powerful tanks in the game! And don't be discouraged if you're unlucky. When your Energy Gauge reaches MAX,you can directly exchange for the most powerful tank. For more details, please check in Daily Missions - Roulette.

III. Consecutive Check-In Rewards
The long-expected Consecutive Check-In Rewards has been released. After the player logs into the game, he/she can finish Check-in by claiming daily rewards in event panel. The player can get Gold Tank T-34-100(7 days) and the exclusive gold cannon used only on this tank if he/she checks in for 7 days straight. For more details, please check in Activity - Login Rewards.

IV. Tournament will be held from Jan 23th to 30th! You can sign up after 10:00 Jan 23th! Battle officially starts at 10:00 Jan 25th!

V. The Tripled EXP in First Victory event will be available on Jan 24th and 25th.

VI. 1.5 Times EXP event will be available from 05:00 to 06:00 PST and 12:00 to 13:00 PST on Jan 24th and 25th.
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